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Birthday celebrations

12 September 2004

Today we celebrated the birthday of Sebastiaan and Robin. Both had already officially become a year older, but as Robin's birthday was at the end of July (middle of summer - everyone's gone!) and as Sebastiaan was at the Belgian Formula 1 race during his birthday, we decided to celebrate both of them at a later stage. And that time had now come! The livingroom was joyfully decorated and Robin was pleasantly surprised of it all - espcially the balloons! What was very obvious was that Robin was more aware of everything now, more than at his real birthday on the 22nd of July. He could better fathom what was going on, that much of the commotion that day was because of and for him and recognise and enjoy the friends and family coming to visit.

It was a good day, with lots of talking, laughing, eating and drinking good and sweet stuff, sharing amongst friends. In contrast to Casper's birthday it was a lot quieter, mainly due to us not inviting (and our excuses up front to all those we forgot to invite!) that many people. That way we got more time to actually talk to everyone who came around!

Casper and Robin fell asleep at once that evening, completely knocked out of all the impressions, experiences and stuff they had eaten that day. Marjolijn and myself stayed up a little longer, cleaning house! Sunday was a "taking-it-easy-and-doing-nothing-day"!

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