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New computer

26 August 2004

Overview of the specs of our new computer Finally! After more than eight years of (ab)using my good old Cube PC from Spaceworld, it was replaced by a new desktop. I have wanted this for a long time, but the old faithful just kept on performing to my utmost satisfaction (supporting USB, ADSL, etc.). So why buy a new one when the old one did just what it needed to do. It was Marjolijns need for a heavy duty PC to be able to use voice-recognition software to support her in her studies that triggered our buy of this new wonder machine. It took some research but after a couple of weeks I was ready to put together the different items that would make up our new workhorse. Together with Jonathan I picked the parts at the quite well-stocked and cheap Internet-shop Informatique. After several price-comparisons and studying the offers I had outstanding at some Computershops in Utrecht, this was the place to be. Furthermore for only € 5 the whole order would be delivered to our frontdoor.

A couple of days later the delivery service knocked on our door with a large package. Neatly stacked I took all the parts and the casing to my friend Jonathans place and together we assembled the whole thing. Only hours later I had a new system up and running. Cool! Now we're ready for the next ten years. And together with our new 3072kB / 1024kB ADSL line from Speedlinq hopefully we will be able to host our new CFML-driven weblog at home. All thanx to our free DNS-provider ZoneEdit!

Updated 08 July 2009, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

After almost five years our computer is on lifesupport, most of the time in a deep coma, only waking up now and then to provide us with its services.

It freezes regularly, shut downs spontanously, needs a couple of reboots before starting up properly and often tells me there is a DISK ERROR or that I have a serious USB-FAILURE.

Time to buy a new one I guess. I found a link over at Tweakers that will give us a good budget system, meeting most of our requirements.

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