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30 June 2004

The Agentschap redesign was probably my last (re)design of a SZW-website, as I will be leaving SZW. Why? Well, due to lack of funds and non-exisiting projects to work on. So therefore it wasn't an option to keep hiring me from my emplyer Capgemini. But... maybe I'l be back before you know it! Even though I'm a hired consultant it feels a little strange to no longer be able to - correction - no longer be allowed to come to work at SZW. It's been my primary workplace for 3,5 years now, and I felt more at home and a closer connection to that place and my colleagues than I did my employer. I guess it's all part of the consultant-business. So for now it's back to Utrecht and Capgemini and see what other opportunities are out there!

Updated 06 September 2004, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

Last week I got a call from an accountmanager asking me if I was available to come work for SZW again for some time. A former colleague of mine was on vacation and the other developers were all tied up in a big project. So they needed someone to fill in and be available for possible calamities. So now I'm back at SZW for 20 hours a week for this month. From the first of October I'm due to start working at the Dutch Internal Revenue Service (Belastingdienst) for a period of six months. My tasks are not completely clear but it will mainly be testing webapplications, writing testplans, testscripts and performing automated tests. A new challenge, a new direction, a new horizon. After two months of talking, searching and working on very diverse things at Capgemini, it is good to finally be able to do something real again, for a new client as well.

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