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Veronica pregnant

30 May 2004

It came to me this morning, just after I had tried to call Veronica, that I hadn't told you all that my sister is pregnant. She has probably told all of you already, but I felt it be appropriate to put a little note on our website about it as well. It was a big surprise for all of us that Bart and Veronica became pregnant so soon, we had a feeling that they might do some more stuff, like go diving in Egypt or travel the globe. But it became pretty obvious that their wish to enlarge the family of two, plus Gino the dog and Miauw-miauw the cat, was bigger than their travel or diving aspirations. Plenty of time for that later! For now, Veronica is almost 6 months pregnant, they are both very happy parents-in-the-making, doing all the young parents things. Preparing the baby-room, buying baby-stuff, reading baby-books, talking to other young parents and just utterly enjoying the time until the birth (sometime in September). We wish them all the best and all the luck and happiness in the world. And I, I'm becoming an uncle! Yeah!

Updated 17 February 2005, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

The growing family Dijkman Dulkes have posted some pictures of little Marius. Go check out the pictures posted on their website!

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