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15 April 2004

Animated GIF of the first of many new commercials of Capgemini In the beginning there was Cap. A French IT and Management consulting company that grew and grew and slowly conquered Europe. It also came to the Netherlands and discovered a likeminded company, Volmac. Pretty soon Cap became Cap Volmac. A few years later Cap Volmac had grown and grown and needed more management consultants. Gemini Consulting came along and then Cap Volmac became Cap Gemini. Since 1995 Cap Gemini gross revenue grew over 150% every year for almost 8 years. Then Cap Gemini decided to buy the management and IT consultants of Ernst & Young, after a High Court verdict in the United States prohibiting accountants and management consultants within one and the same company offering their services to the same clients. I.E. a consultant advises something to a client and an accountant of the same company does the books regarding this advice. Conflict of interest. Anyway, Cap Gemini became Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (CGE&Y). For a little over three years this was the name of my employer. But by the first of May 2004 by contract CGE&Y cannot use the name Ernst & Young anymore. So many €'s and $'s later my employer CGE&Y has yet again changed its name: Capgemini. For now: Good luck with the "Collaborative Business Experience"! Go visit their new website:

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