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23 December 2003

I've just finished reading an excellent book - KRIG !, by Knut Nærum. Its a wonderful journey through Norwegian mentality, caricatures of its politicians, criticism of its Pro-United States attitude, a preamble to its 100th celebration of Independence, and a delightful "insight" into Dutch tradition and culture. As the back of the book reads:

Hvorfor ble det krig mellom Norge og Nederland i 2005?
Fordi det virket som en god idé der og da.
Her er hele historien.

This book is especially good for those of you being Norwegian in the Netherlands or vice versa (or if you're just learning one of the two languages!). If you're interested you can find/order this book through its ISBN (82-02-23124-8), or by contacting its publishing house Cappelen. For all you Norwegians out there: just go to your nearest bookstore and buy it!

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