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New tyres

09 December 2003

Last week our car was due for a checkup. It has done some 35.000 km's since we bought it second-hand in May 2002 and the garage where we bought it also services it. I knew that it would be costly this time, but wasn't really prepared for the total sum of € 586,- it finally amounted to. But, cars are cars, they cost money, if you drive them or not.

An average but good tyre - the Pirelli P3000 Energy After so many kilometres it was time for some new tyres, my serviceman could tell me over the phone. If I wanted a pair of Michelin Energy XS for the front tyres? "Hmmm, I don't know", I said, "let me think about that. I'll call you back." So I went searching the Internet together with a colleague of mine for a pair of good tyres for our car. I was quite happy with the by now quite worn Pirelli P4000, so we read some tests of this tyre compared to tyres like the Bridgestone Torranza, a pair of Vredesteins and the Michelin my garage suggested. After some time it was obvious that the best value for money, and the best tyre (safe in wet weather, stickiness to the tarmac, cornering etc.), were a pair of Pirelli's - the new Pirelli P4000, now called P5000!

So I called the Honda dealership and informed them of my choice. About two minutes later they called me back informing me that the tyre was out of stock, but that the even better, a little more expensive tyre Pirelli P6000 (bottom right) was available. If I wanted that one instead. They's split the extra costs with me! "You've got a deal", I said.

A really cool and safe tyre - the Pirelli P6000 Late that same afternoon I came to pick up my car. Much to my surprise I realised that the brand new tyres were not Pirelli P6000, but a pair of Pirelli P3000! I called the next morning and the serviceman explained to me that they had received the P3000 instead of the P6000, and that there had been no time to call me or to reorder the tyres. So they'd given me the P3000 (top left). If I was unhappy with these tyres, I could change them at a later date to the agreed upon P6000 at no extra cost. I said I was quite surprised at this way of handling, and that I would call them later that day with my decision. Late that same afternoon I informed our dealership de Bois that I'd still like the P6000 and if they could order them for me. Within a week I hope to be able to have these cool, safe, new fronttyres under our Honda Civic AeroDeck!

Updated 22 December 2003, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

On Monday the 22nd of this month our garage finally fitted the car with the new tyres. It was done in under 45 minutes. And I must say that they look really good under the car! Now all that rests is some white paint to put a little accent on the tyres of the car. I mean, of course, painting the make and type of the tyres white. Just like the picture above!

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