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02 December 2003

For all of you Dutch people out there: NO, this is not meant 2 B a powershriek, it's what happened when my computer fell onto my network cable. I was lifting up the computer to install the USB-card when the parallellcable of the scanner caught the top righthand corner of the computer, causing me to loose my hold on the computer for a short moment. The rear of the housing crashed down on the floor (a short drop of 30 cm's). As the bottom part of the housing often has quite sharp edges it cut the network cable cleanly in two pieces. Nice,... NOT :-( !

So for now we're NOT online, this is written in MT from my work! Gotta buy a new networkcable very soon!!!

Updated 05 December 2003, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

Marjolijn solved the problem. She went to the local Internet café just around the corner and asked if they maybe could mend our chopped off network cable. Of course! Within 5 minutes the gillioutined end had a new plug. So,..., we're back online!

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