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First few days in Norway...

25 October 2003

Well, there we are then! Things have gone quite good. After landing in Norway I said to Marjolijn: "With these kids we can travel the world, no sweat!". Because neither Casper nor Robin had any problems or earpains during the flight to Oslo. Robin slept all the way, and Casper was his usual, active self. He really enjoyed all the cars (baggagetrucks, "follow-me"-cars, busses, 18-wheelers... ) at the airports, not really noticing the skyscraper-sized airplanes taxiing by at Schiphol or at Gardermoen.

Dad had arranged a taxi to take us to Mom's place which was rather nice, considering the amount of stuff one needs to bring taking two kids on vacation to a cold country, and the amount is costs to take a cab from Gardermoen into Oslo! Mom was very happy to see us, and the rest of the day was spent playing around (kids) and talking (parents) at mom's place.

On Thursday we met Lars Martin at Frogner/Vigelandsparken, and mosied around the park, talking about this and that, enjoying the crisp, cold, sunny weather outside. Mom was with us, and as she got a little cold just sitting around in her wheelchair, we went to a coffee-shop (no, not the Dutch kind, just a regular café where one can get coffee and similar drinkable stuff!!!) afterwards to get some warmth into our bones.

Friday was spent doing everything and nothing at Mom's place, calling some people to make appointments for the weekend and next week: Olav and Christina, Thale (who is in Brussels at the moment, but will be back in time for a quick visit), Linn Maria (congratulations to your mother's 50th anniversary!), Kine and Haakon, Lars Martin (again) and maybe a visit to Geir and Stig as well!

Today we enjoyed yet another nice, quiet day at home (hey, this is a vacation, it's meant to be quiet and easy!), did some groceries, and this afternoon we're going to Dad's place to visit him. He's making us dinner, so we're very curious what it will be! More chit-chat later...

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