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Off to Norway!

21 October 2003

My back has been acting up again since Thursday. The kind of agonizing, sharp stabs to the tailbone, everytime I bend forward, put pressure on the lower half of my back (sitting, lying down etc.) or try to lift something. This has prevented us from going on vacation many times the last two years, but today things are improving. The sharp stings are gone and this afternoon I have an appointment with the chiropractor who hopefully will "stretch" my lower back in such a fashion that the vertebrea stay apart for some time. Then I can get back to training and improving the muscles in my back and my abdominal strenght!

So, this hopefully means that we can leave for Norway tomorrow as planned, and be gone from our homecountry for some 12 days to visit Grandma, Grandpa and all of Daddy's friends, which he hasn't seen for some time (say: three years...). Thale, Linn Maria, Olav, Lars Martin, Kine & co: C U very soon (hopefully...) !

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