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30 May 2009

Finally this website now runs on the new and improved Onlinebase Content Management System (CMS). I've always run this website on my own homegrown CMS, running on a Windows box where BlueDragon 6, MySQL 4.x and Apache were installed. For years it was my one, true, stable site environment, but the maintanance has grown me a bit over my head. That's why I made the switch to the Onlinebase CMS. It has proven it's usefulness for many a website owner, being utterly stable, having a wealth of functionality and of course running on Coldfusion 8. All the features I have on my website (comments with CFFormProtect enabled, sitemap, statistics, feeds (Atom and RSS), entry updates and plugins) the Onlinebase CMS provides - even multiple site and multiple languages management ;-) So I've made the switch and hope to see it evolve as fast as my wishes for extra functionalities evolves.

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