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15 October 2003

Tonight we got a taste of what kind of country the Netherlands has become. I know many things about the road: Road, road diner, road kill, road movie, road sign, roadie etc. But the one thing one does not want to encounter is "roadrage". Unfortunately for us this nasty thing attacked us on our way home from a nice dinner with Veronica and Bart. It was around 8 o'clock in the evening on the highway from Lelystad to Utrecht. Halfway I was passing some cars at a reasonably legal speed when suddenly a set of headlight flash in my rearview mirror. They had flashed once before I had seen, when someone else behind me had been passing some cars as well. The headlight loomed into us, then all of a sudden disappeared. This didn't mean that the car was gone, it meant it was so close to my bumper that I couldn't even see the light! As this person kept pushing me, I lost my temper a bit (having my whole family in the car, this person was not only endangering himself but us as well) and flipped him the "birdie". This was a mistake! As soon as I switched lanes after having passed the cars the lunatic came alongside and started curisng, waving his arms at me, yelling so hard that I could almost hear him through two closed windows! Then he sped off, put his car in front of ours, started breaking, weaving back and forth, waving to me that I should stop the car at the curb, then we could "fight it out". He even swerved over to the kerb indicating that "he was ready, he was willing, I dare you to stop, let's knock the shit out of eachother".

Luckily he cooled of pretty quickly, and after some breaking and weaving back and forth, he sped off towards Amsterdam. Leaving a pretty shocked family behind, high on adrenaline and fear for ourselves and what might have happened. Hopefully we won't have to experience this again, and I hope you never have to either!

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