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Lola rennt

05 February 2007

This evening I watched "Lola rennt", a simple, low-budget, German roadmovie which is just fabulous. Not because of a fantastic storyline, wellpaid international excellent actors, top-of-the-line producers and directors and a zillion dollar budget, no it's just the opposite.

It's so simple in it's storyline, so surprising, so well-thought, so much fun and such a good watch. It keeps you pinned to the sofa, chair, ground or whereever you're watching it. With it's twists and turns, plotchanges and excellent cutting, every storyline, every scene, every quirk in every frame, everything is different and everything is the same. The times that Lola runs and encounters the different persons on the way to meet her boyfriend, everytime they face a different future. It's like the infamous butterfly flapping its wings somewhere in the Pacific, the wind it churns up carried through the weathersystems around the world to change a certain something on the other side of the world. Lola is determined to change what has happened to her, but is as surprised as the viewer how things actually change, how events are connected and how strange it is that one thing leads to another, and that no matter how many times you try to do something over, there are just too many variables. In the end she is utterly stunned by the outcome of her last run. Buy it, download it, borrow it, lend it - but make sure you watch it!

Updated 21 February 2007, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

I've just seen another movie by the director of Lola Rennt, Tom Tykwer, called Heaven (2002). The movie is all about a woman called Philippa, played by Cate Blanchett, who accidentally kills four innocent people when she plants a bomb in a high-rise building. With her plans gone awry and the police arrest her, Philippa flees to the Italian countryside, where she seeks refuge together with her soul mate Filipo: a young police officer, played by Giovanni Ribisi, who has orchestrated her escape.

It's a great movie, with small, sensual glimpses and actions, wonderful footage and beautiful sceneries. A kind of weird and brutal story which keeps surprising with its sensibility.

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