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Three hospital visits

04 January 2007

Three visits to the hospital in just one week time - that's really three too much. But luckily everything's alright. Lucas accounts for two trips and Robin for one. What's up? Well Lucas had two badly infected fingers that needed surgery whilest Robin was in for the removal of a Hydrocele Funiculi. Let's me tell you about Robin first and then about Lucas.

First, here's an explanation in three languages of what Hydrocele Funiculi actually is (some of it is quite medical):

Now that we've got the explanation out of the way, it was clear that standard procedure is to operate when concerning small kids. So we were scheduled for today, 8:00 A.M. Yawn, that's really early, but somehow we managed and were welcomed hartily by the daynurse. She explained how things would be working out today, when what would happen en how things would be going. In that fashion the next 5 hours were laid out for us, almost in minute detail. Marjolijn compared the job of the daynurse to a waitress in a restaurant, or maybe a Maître d', carefully explaining the menu, making sure you're alright with everything for the time you're staying, and then waving goodbye when leaving (not wishing for a swift return though), repeating this process at least 16 times a day (the amount of beds in the ward).

Updated 30 March 2007, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

Well, I started a long story here, but never quite got around to finishing it. Anyways, most of you know the story by now! It went very well and Robin is faring very well under it all. Today there's only a small scar at the bottom of his belly that tells the tale of his ordeal ;-)

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