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01 December 2006

Via via I came across this little gem of a Javascript called Snap letting you preview the website behind a link on your page. It's fully customizable, it's only the "icing on the cake" (i.e. degrades gracefully) and it enhances the browsing experience. Best of all it's all ready to go out-of-the-box - just add one line if javascript at the end of your <head> section and you're ready to go. You can read all about this little helperscript on their "about"-pages and all your FAQ's about customization you can find in their "help"-pages. Will you go "Snap" as well?

Posted by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk | top


  1. Jonathan posted:

    Nice find.

    There is a FF plugin and Opera users can use user.js to load this js on every page.

    ... on 01 December 2006 @ 16:00

  2. Jeroen Sangers posted:

    Yes, Snap looks really good... Is it a coincidence that you found Snap on exactly the same day that I launched a new site ( using Snap???

    ... on 01 December 2006 @ 18:43

  3. Sebastiaan posted:

    Nope, I found it a couple of days ago after reading an entry in your feed (Links for 2006-11-21), but didn't get around to writing about it sooner ;-)

    Nice fuss there about the template you use for, the Cutline theme! Luckily the maker and the copycat have laid their debacle to rest.

    ... on 04 December 2006 @ 13:51

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