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Linn Maria and Christoffer

12 October 2006

A couple of months ago, well, actually more than half a year ago, I received an e-mail from Linn Maria telling me they were thinking about moving to the Netherlands. Christoffer had applied for the position of Seamen's Priest at the Norwegian Seamen's Church in Rotterdam. If they got the position they would be moving to the Netherlands for three years. After having e-mailed back and forth for some time about all the good and not so good things about Dutch life, Linn Maria told me just before Summer that Christoffer had gotten the position as minister of the Seamen's Church! Really wonderful for them, and nice to have them nearby for the next three years! I guess it'll be quite an experience for them, as well as having the opportunity to have loads of friends and family over to the little place on Earth called "Sjømannskirken i Rotterdam".

Yesterday we received an e-mail from Linn Maria and Christoffer saying the following:

Kjære dere!
Istedet for å plage dere med uendelig mange mail om livet vårt her i Rotterdam har vi laget en blogg. Der kan de av dere som er interessert ta en titt på bilder og tekst... Den er akkurat laget og skal nok utvikles ytterligere..., men her er begynnelsen:
Gode tanker + klem fra Linn Maria og Christoffer

So I guess all I can say is "WELCOME to the Lower Countries", good luck, enjoy your stay, and hopefully we'll see more of eachother over the next three years! Oh, and do read their blog!

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