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Fraud Landis???

26 July 2006

I was quite shocked when I heard on the radio while on vacation in Norway that Phonak, the team of Floyd Landis, announced that his A-sample had proven to be inpure - contaminated with too much testosterone. The whole world reacted in shock and disgust. Some Norwegian and international (all clean?) cyclists reacted with saying they considered ending their active careers in the light of yet another scandal in the world of roadcycling. Why do all stars have to cheat? Why can't we participate in a fair sport? Why, why, why? Their reactions are quite understandable in the light of recent developments in the sport of roadcycling (dopinglist of the infamous Spanish doctor), as well as the neverending speculations if the greatest winner of Tour de France (at least in the number of over-all victories) Lance Armstrong really was pure or not.


Over the days it has become clear that not everything is clear. The Norwegian paper Aftenposten said that it was Phonak and nott he laboratory of the ICU itself that had issued the press-release telling about Landis' positive test. It is clear that the relation between levels of testosterone need more tests before one can say that someone tests positive for this hormone.All in all it will take a while before we know what's up! I certainly hope that the guy who I enjoyed immensely in this year's Tour will come out clean in the end, especially after witnessing his monster-victory on the road to Morsinne. I'll try and post some updates and reactions over the days and weeks to come.

Updated 06 August 2006, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

Unfortunately, also the B-sample of Fraud Landis turned out to be positive. I must say that I'm utterly disappointed in him, as I have followed the Tour closely this year, especially when they went into the mountains. I loved the smile and motivation of Landis, and was thrilled to see him come, see and conquer on the 16th stage. Now he's left with nothing, even being kicked out on the street by his team Phonak.

Dear Floyd Landis, if you ever should search Google for stories about your fraudulence, and you should ever read my little piece - shame on you :-(

Updated 08 September 2006, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

Here are a few websites dedicated to the latest news and updates on Floyd Landis:

And last but not least Floyd's very own website:

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