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Vacation in Norway 2006 pt.1

28 July 2006

For the first time in four years we're going on vacation for real. We've been on short vacations to Norway the last couple of years staying with my mother or going on a short trip into the mountains with Casper and Robin. But this is the first time in years I really feel that we're going on vacation, probably because we're going with our own car, all packed and stacked with many a thing. And it's the first real vacation away from the Netherlands with the five of us. I'm really excited and looking forward to it. Over the next couple of weeks we will tell you all about our experiences. Stay tuned ;-)


The whole trip began in the Netherlands during the weekend of the 22nd and the 23rd of July. We had planned to pack the car on Saturday and finish the last tidbits during the Sunday. But as always when planning with children, things just go otherwise. I took the two eldest with me to a shopping centre to fix some last minute stuff, put some money in the bank, buy vacation stuff and making sure the car was in tip-top shape. As things like packing and the likes didn't really go well, we decided to wash the car, all five of us. That went very well, so well that we decided to wait with packing until the day after.

On Sunday Meike en Peter came around and took the two eldest to the swimmingpool where they would be having waterfun for a few hours. Time enough to pack the car, we thought ;-) In the end we got it all packed, roofbox included. I'm wondering if we would have packed differently - or less - if we still would've had the Honda Civic Aerodeck. Our Seat Alhambra is big, really big, but even with the sixth chair folded down I wondered if we would get all in the car. Eventually there was enough room left over for me to with some difficulty see what happens behind the car through the rear-view mirror.

All packed up we left the keys with the neighbours, who promised to look after our house and collect all our mail. Around 8 in the evening on Sunday the 23rd we left for the 945 km's to Fredrikshavn.

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  1. Lars posted:

    Veldig hyggelig å ha dere på besøk! Bra å tilbringe noen dager med dere alle.

    Nå er det jo rett over midnatt, men det er ingen post som minner oss alle på at du er blitt enda eldre. :)

    Gratulerer med dagen, Sebastiaan!!!

    ... on 30 August 2006 @ 00:31

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