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Big update

12 September 2003

A lot has happened lately. Robin is growing like incredible. He's now as heavy at seven weeks as Casper was at three months. So I guess the mothers' milk is doing its thing. Casper has moved from his first group in the kindergarden (for mini's from 0 to 1½ years) to the second group (from 1½ to 4 years). It has taken some getting used to from his side but he's coping. Unfortunately he's gotten ill - bronchitis. His father used to have it all the time as a child. Luckily the antibiotics catch on the little buggers very quickly! Talking about his father; he's ill as well - the flu. Hopefully he'll be able to go to the IAA exhibition in Frankfurt tomorrow with a friend from work. Keep your fingers crossed!

Read the new posts below for a complete update! Oh, and Sebastiaan has a new section: Webdesign.

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