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Snow in the Netherlands

31 December 2005

On the before last day of 2005 the Netherlands was overwhelmed by a true snowblizzard. Luckily there was almost no-one on the roads, as most people had x-mas vacation or had followed the advice of the VID not to venture onto the roads unless absolutely necessary! Only the trains experienced problems and many people got stuck in numerous railway stations due to frozen train intersections.


Casper and I went for a walk-about late that night, plowing with our feet through the snow that covered the streets, at least 10 cm's deep at the most, amost 30 cm's in snowdrifts. The blizzards sent millions of small snow-needles into our face when we walked into the wind. Casper didn't like that very much, but heading any other direction but head-on into the wind was a lot of fun! We ran and ran, threw loose, powdery snow at eachtother, and went over to the road to watch the cars - mostly on summer tyres - crawl by, sometimes spinning here and there.

The next morning we went outside again, before breakfast to make a snowman. The thaw had already set in bigtime, but just before the snow went all mushy, we had made a big snowman, holding a broomstick and sporting a hat! Toghether with Robin we then proceeded to make many small snowbabies, which we placed around the big snowman. After a short snowfight we went inside and had a great last-day-of-the-year breakfast, prepared by Marjolijn.

In short - snow is a lot of fun, even for Robin, who finally has realized that that white, wet stuff is great fun, especially if you can throw it at your dad, making him all wet and white ;-)

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  1. Pappa posted:

    Tja, en de mensen maar denken dat dit normaal is.....en de aarde wordt steeds slechter en iedereen knikt ja maar doet niks....misschien beginnen ze te leren in kunt altijd HOPEN...

    ... on 31 December 2005 @ 14:22

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