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A new employer

31 August 2005

Logo of the largest IT-consultancy company of the Benelux - Capgemini For almost five years now Capgemini has been my employer. It have been five very good years, where I've learnt a lot, done a lot and experienced a lot to further my career. There have been very interesting and challenging times and there have been lesser times. But all in all I'm very content with the company itself and the projects that I have had the honour of carrying out. very different and challenging projects, always on the frontier of new and coming techniques. Everything from building and testing websites and webapplications to giving advice on and being consulted for everything web.


Logo of the Ministry of Social Affairs and WorkBut as life often goes, I felt it was time for a new challenge. And this came from a quite familiar player, the word being passed through an old acquintance of mine. Within months everything was set, and I was ready to start on a new adventure. That of web-guru at the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Work, in the governmental capital of the Netherlands, the Hague.

My official title is that of "Software Engineer", but I like web-guru a lot better! Mostly I fix things that are a little or slightly broken or imperfect and do a lot of "you-are-our-last-resort-can-you-please-help-us" things! This is actually quite fun, as you get in touch with a lot of people with a wide variety of problems. Furthermore you get to do a lot of "fixing" in different applications and websites, bit by bit improving a good product making it even better. Then I also do a lot of consulting and give advice on current and future projects. And I'm very involved in the Webstandards and codingstandards groups who are advocating use of W3C and other defacto standards for future (and some current) projects. In the end we will also rebuild all current webrelated things to comply with these standards, in line with the rest of the Dutch governmental institutions (Webrichtlijnen voor de overheid). And of course I get to work with a great set of colleagues - a group of people I had worked with for over three years when I was a consultant there from Capgemini.

A good deal of fun, a lot of challenges and a great working atmosphere - what could a guy want more?

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  1. Pappa posted:

    You might become a trend-setter, setting not only governmental "new-qualities", but beter and improved quality guidelines that will last longer than a couple of years...good luck, I'm proud of all you have accomplished...on your own...

    ... on 31 August 2005 @ 22:43

  2. The oracle posted:

    Hi there colleague! Nice to have you on board. I really needed someone to help me do the work, cause I was swamped. We make a nice team. The Oracle & The Guru :)

    Just one more week and then Spa Francorchamps!

    ... on 03 September 2005 @ 11:03

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