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14 August 2005

For Sebastiaan the big 3 oh is coming up. Just a couple of more weeks and then life's taking a completely new turn for him. After the 29th of August thingz will never ever be the same again...

Of course I'm exagarating ;-) ..., but to celebrate this momentous occasion you're all invited to come over to our place on Sunday the 28th of August, anytime between 9 A.M and 9 P.M. The door's open and the tea and coffee are hot - and there'll be something good to go along with the drinks as well! In the meantime while you're waiting to partake in the festivities, you can ponder on my Internet "I'm-turning-30" wishlist:

  • Handigheid in klussen (Skills)
  • Nieuw bestek voor dagelijks gebruik - iets moois gezien bij de Ikea - 6 tot 12 van ieder (knives, forks, spoons - the works - 6 to 12 of each!)
  • De nieuwe Honda Civic (the new Honda Civic)
  • Groter autostoeltje voor Casper van Römer (Bigger carseat for Casper)
  • Nieuwe stofzuiger (new vacuumcleaner)

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  1. Pappa/Peter posted:

    Nieuwe auto? En wat met het nieuwe huis dan? Of is 3 kinders te veel voor je bestaande vervoermiddel?

    ... on 15 August 2005 @ 00:33

  2. Sebastiaan posted:

    When a man turns thirty he dreams of many thingz ;-) I personally have achieved a lot in life, I'm a happy, blessed man, so coming of age (turning 30) is not 2 bad. But doing so in the new Honda Civic would B marvelous!
    5 people in the new Honda? Get real ;-) If I were 2 buy a new car, it would have 2 B something practical - like a volvo V70!
    The new Honda would B just 4 kix ;-)

    ... on 15 August 2005 @ 00:47

  3. Pappa posted:

    Volvo 70? Looking at your future to come, I would buy a real tough terrainvehicle....for 5 passengers of course and with

    ... on 15 August 2005 @ 19:06

  4. CB posted:

    Hey, so happy day-before-day to you! And congrats on the newest of the little ones!
    Smiles to you and all of yours,

    PS - 30 isn't all that bad, just look at me! :)

    ... on 28 September 2005 @ 14:11

  5. CB posted:

    Opps - and so sorry, date right, but month wrong so wrong!
    Smiles to y'all

    ... on 29 September 2005 @ 09:56

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