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Moulin Rouge - the movie

05 July 2005

Let me begin by saying that I really liked this movie - Moulin Rouge by Baz Luhrman, featuring Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman.
But what a special movie! It's really hard to place - not a musical, not a showplay, not a featurefilm and not an ordinary popsong driven movie - it's all that combined. Featuring music by Fatboy Slim, Lil'Kim, Elton John and Nat King Cole - to name but a few. Some off the songs were made modern, some of the songs were made retro. Ever danced to the Can-Can at 180 bpm? Try it when watching - or dancing along to - the Moulin Rouge!

I've even considered buying the DVD - here!

What are your experiences and sentiments with this movie?

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  1. pappa posted:

    Agree on that....even the OST (Original Sound Track) is good. My advise, wait with your buying until I got my new 'puter...

    ... on 05 July 2005 @ 22:16

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