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An extended family day out

17 August 2003

Today we went on the annual "Hanendag", a gettogether of all of my mothers' side of the family. As last year it was held at the attraction park "Oud Valkeveen". A great playground for kids of all ages, say in the category 1 - 10 years. Last year we basked in the sun, lay in the water all day and where very active playing and doing stuff. This year it was cooler, much cooler, almost sweater weather. A lot nicer though for the smallest of kids, like Casper and Robin, and especially nice after the long, hot summerdays we've had the last couple of months.

Everyone was there, except for my Mom of course! During the day people came and left, making it a very dynamic day. Robin was introduced to the entire extended family and we left with a lot more toys and tinkets than we came with. Thanx 2 all!

All in all a very good familyday, worthy of repeating next year as well.

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