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22 October 2005

Lucas wearing his light-blue set of Nike shoes and matching hat This'll be fun - our third kiddo is no more than three months old and alreay he has his first set of brand clothes. Our neighbours work at Nike and had seen this light-blue (yes, it's a boy) set in the gift shop at Nike. She thought it was so sweet she just had to buy it. So now people think we're spoiling our kid at a young age ;-).

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  1. Opa posted:

    niets te mooi voor de kleinkinderen...niet klagen hoor, gewoon dank je wel

    ... on 23 October 2005 @ 20:18

  2. Pappa posted:

    Lekker van Dijkie hoor, alhoewel ook veel van Casper én Robin, mooie mix...

    ... on 06 November 2005 @ 12:47

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