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07 October 2003

Today I've scanned some recent pictures of Robin. For all of you to see how much he's grown! His expressions are steadily increasing from only looking around to actively looking at things that move, at faces and at light/darkness differences. Also he's now making contact by waving with arms and legs, smiling selectively and making gargling sounds of joy! Thingz R moving fast!


View the pictures below! Feel free to download them to your desktop!

Robin was really active during this photo-session. He smiled, yawned, actively seeked contact, turned his head, arms and legs back and forth and mimicked a lot with his face - eyes and mouth! Here it looks as if he's very surprised about something :-)

Robin looking surprised (427 kb)

Robin in a not so happy mood (349 kb)

Sometimes it can happen that Robin is in a not so happy mode. Then you get things like this. We once took a picture of Casper crying like this as well, so it was almost obligatory to take a picture of Robin crying on the couch. If it is the sitting position or just being very hungry - I cannot remember - but it remains an impressive picture!

Robin also has a very nice smile as can be witnessed in this picture! Wouldn't you melt away by such a smile?

Robin with a big smile (233 kb)

Robin not that big (273 kb)

Robin may be outweighing Casper but at two and a half months he still isn't that big! As you can see he still fits nicely into our bathroom sink!

Robin and Casper really enjoy eachothers company. Casper still thinks of Robin as "his baby" and regularly "claims" Robin for a genuine cuddle session on the couch or on the bed in the mornings! Here the two of them hugged and kissed and whispered words in eachothers ears only they could understand.

Robin and Casper together on the couch (311 kb)

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