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Casper talks

21 September 2004

He does it a lot! Talking. Sometimes is just pours out of him. A couple of months ago he sat at the table after dinner and all of sudden started saying words. Not sentences, just words. And he kept on doing this for around 15 minutes. Just words, no relations between them, just throwing out all the words he knew it seemed. You try it, just saying words, a continuous stream, without stopping up. Almost impossible! Marjolijn and I just sat there, watching and listening. It was as if Casper experienced a memory-overload, and that he had to dump his stack of acquired knowledge in order to be able to put more stuff in his brain - to keep it in computer terms!

Visiting Caspers grandma an aunt of Marjolijn, who is a teacher at a primary school, was quite surprised at the level at which Casper can speak and converse. Next to being able to understand two languages, he also constures sentences and relates things towards himself that children twice his age sometimes have difficulties with. Needless to say she was immersed in conversations and exchanges with Casper that evening.

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  1. Sebastiaan posted:

    Casper en trouwen

    De moeder van Alex komt naar Marjolijn toe en zegt:
    "Weet je, jou zoon is echt, wordt later echt een hartendief. Alex (meisje - 3 1/2 jaar oud) heeft nu al besloten dat ze met Casper wil trouwen! Maar volgens mij heeft Esmee ook al gezegd dat ze met Casper wil trouwen. Dus die is eerst!"
    Dan gaat Marjolijn vervolgens naar Casper en vraagt:
    "Goh, Casper, wil Alex met jou trouwen?"
    "Huhu, ja!"
    "En Esmee, wil die ook met jou trouwen?"
    "En jij dan Casper, met wie wil jij dan trouwen?"
    Dan is het even stil, voordat Casper zegt:
    "Met Hendrik!" (z'n favoriete en beste vriendje op de creche)

    ... on 07 January 2008 @ 09:43

  2. Sebastiaan posted:

    Casper en antwoorden op vragen

    "Casper, wat gaan we doen vandaag? Waar gaan we naartoe?"
    "Naar Jelle ;-) !" (nog steeds z'n aller leukste vriendje)

    ... on 07 January 2008 @ 09:44

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