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16 January 2004

Casper is sitting at the table together with Marjolijn, eating and chattering. The word "vacuuming" pops up, and this is the conversation that followed:

Casper: "Vacuuming!"
Marjolijn: "Mummy vacuuming?"
Casper: "No, Daddy vacuuming!"
Marjolijn: "Mummy also vacuuming?"
Casper: "No! Mummy not vacuuming - Daddy vacuuming!"


Casper has just made sure that his little brother is all nice and comfy in his rocker, given him some toys to play with, when this conversation takes place:

Casper: "Robin, play with bear! Not play with Ernie, OK?"
Robin: "Blrllrrrlllbrbrbrlllrrssss"
Casper: "Only play with bear, OK? Not with Ernie, OK? (points at Ernie and shakes his head)"

Casper and Marjolijn are on the first floor, preparing to go downstairs. It's early in the morning, Robin is still sleeping in his bed. Marjolijn wants to close our bedroom door so the fresh air from the open window doesn't create a chilly draft in the livingroom. This is how the conversation went:

Marjolijn: "Casper, shall we go downstairs?"
Casper: "Yes, downstairs, OK!"
Marjolijn: "Maybe you can go and close the bedroom door?"
Casper: "Yes!" (Casper walks to the bedroom door, enters, and closes the door from the inside...)
Marjolijn: "But Casper, that's not right! Weren't we going downstairs?"
Casper: (Casper opens the door, comes out again and says...) "Oh, yes..."
Marjolijn: "Casper, before we go downstairs we must close the bedroom door. Can you do that?"
Casper: "OK!" (Casper walks to the bedroom door again, enters, again, and closes the door from the inside..., again...)
Marjolijn: "But Casper, where are you? That's not too smart now, is it?"
Casper: "Smart now :-) !"
Marjolijn: (opens the door and says...) "Why don't I close the door, and then we can go downstairs."
Casper: (looks at Marjolijn, thinks, and says...) "OK!"

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