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30 December 2003

We've had these pictures digitized for some time now, only there has been little time to fiddle around with the HTML to make the tables for the tabular presentation. Yes, this is one of the few times where it is correct to use tables!


But, all that standards-gibberish aside, here they are! Below! Feel free to download them to your desktop!

Marjolijn has grown a remarkable expertise in taking pictures of our kidz. While crouching behind the camera she seems to be able to capture Casper and Robins expressions and poses in wonderful snapshots. This photograph is one in a series.

Casper in closeup - front (64 kb)

Casper in closeup - sideview (51 kb)

Another photograph in the series. This one we chose because it closely resembles a picture taken of Sebastiaan when he was almost the same age as Casper. Not only do the pictures look the same, also the pose and faces resemble eachother. Almost uncanny!

Casper is rapidly learning to talk. Here he's mouthing a word or two! He already understands a lot of Dutch and speaks a lot of Dutch himself, but he also understands and speaks quite a bit of Norwegian as well! We try to raise our kidz bilingual, Sebastiaan speaking Norwegian and Marjolijn speaking Dutch. Especially for Sebastiaan its hard sometimes to be persistent in speaking Norwegian, but it gets easier by the day.

Casper is improving his talking skills (78 kb)

Casper reading one of his books (79 kb)

Reading is one of Caspers favourite past-times. He does it a lot, and Mom and Dad are important partners in plowing through the different books. He has his own library, in the bottom drawer of our cabinet.

Sometimes its very hard for Casper to get ANY of his food in his mouth. Then food is only interesting as a funny, gooey object that one can do lots of fun stuff with. Look at the picture - I rest my case!
And if you think this looks messy?! Imagine the blue bowl filled with youghurt! Are you imagining it? And then imagine Casper thinking: "Hey, wonder what this stuff looks like if I put it on the table?". Followed by: "Cool! What does this stuff do to your hair, I wonder?" And then imagine looking up from your newspaper, which you were calmly reading, in a comfy spot on the couch :-)

Casper likes to play with his food (72 kb)

Casper and Robin joking together (74 kb)

These two together - they have a lot of fun. Robin with his flailing arms and legs, pointing his tongue at everyone, smiling from ear to ear. Casper hugging and cuddling Robin, almost smothering him in an ever enthusiastic hug!
Robin by the way is carrying his current trademark - his tongue stuck out to the world! He does this at every chance he gets, usually when he's happy and content.

This is grandma - Werkhoven as we like to call her. Actually, its Marjolijns mother, here with her two grandchildren on our couch. Casper's just getting ready for bed.

Robin and Casper together with Grandma Werkhoven (60 kb)

Robin and Casper together with Grandma Det (19 kb)

And this is grandma - Det. At least, that's what Casper likes to call Sebastiaans mother!

This is grandpa - Sebastiaans father - with the two critters. All three of them seem to be enjoying the moment! And no, this was not taken directly after the one of grandma - Werkhoven. Actually there was a whole month in between. Even if it doesn't look like it!

Robin and Casper together on the couch (50 kb)

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