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Casper talks v.3

04 August 2005

Marjolijn called me today at work. She had to tell me something Casper had said today. He and Robin were playing together upstairs when Casper all of a sudden said this:

"Trrring, trrring..."


"Ja Robin!"

"Ik heb even opa Henk gebeld om te kijken of die weer wakker wordt en of die weer kon praten!"

Smile ;-)

Posted by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk | top


  1. Opa peter posted:

    Ontroerend schattig, fijn dat Henk "leeft" bij zijn kleinkinderen...

    ... on 05 August 2005 @ 23:09

  2. meike posted:

    en?? wat zei hij???


    ... on 06 August 2005 @ 17:41

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