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Casper's three!

12 February 2005

Today we celebrate that Casper turned three years of age. He's now really becoming a very big boy and is acting his age. Couple of weeks ago he was at Jelle's birthday - his best friend - "helping" him unpacking Jelle's gifts! He couldn't understand why Jelle sometimes had difficulties sharing in this joy! Well, at his own birthday party he quickly understood why ;-) !

We invited all our friends and family over and it was a good day! Traditionally we have cake and sweet stuuf in the morning and early afternoon, and then in the late afternoon we serve hot soup of different flavours with lots of nice types of bread along with an array of garnishes and "healthy" snacks! It's a hit everytime and people eat and eat and eat and... well, you get the picture!

This year was no exception - Casper received a lot of very nice gifts - thanx 2 all who gave, you know who you are! C U all next year ;-)

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