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And then there will be 6 of us...

12 January 2008

Number 4

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Marjolijn's finished !

12 March 2007

Congratulations "Juf Marjolijn" with finishing your second Master-degree, now you're a teacher-engineer ;-) Ir. Juf Marjolijn Naafs will be starting work with her new class of youngsters on Monday the 19th! Wish her all the best. And yes, I'm very happy for Marjolijn but most of all proud of how she managed to do this study and be a full-time Mum and Wife and Friend at the same time! Gogogooooh ;-)

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Summer of '97

10 February 2007

A wonderful painting by M.Rubelli (the summer of 1997 (love)) - a woman standing under a pale blue sky with her arms raised

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Marjolijn's 33

07 March 2005

I know it's not polite to ask for a tell a womans age, but today we celebrate Marjolijn's 33rd birthday. During my childhood we always said that if you'd been bad you got rain or foul weather on your birthday, and if you'd been good, fair weather. Today is a smashing day, clear blue sky, crisp cold weather outside, and all white on account of the snow that fell the last couple of days. So I guess Marjolijn's been very good this year ;-) !
Casper and Robin have already had their first piece of cake this morning. Right now they're going to bed for their afternoon nap. Then when they wake up all the visitors coming to celebrate with us will have arrived. Lot's of fun for the two of them! Tomorrow is Marjolijn's real birthday, but as it's a weekday, we did the party today. Congratulations Marjolijn!

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Marjolijns birthday

07 March 2004

Yes, it took some time, but she finally got around to it - turning 32! And she celebrated it too ;-) ! We started the Sunday morning in real family Naafs - van Dijk style, in other words: Casper up quite early, pulling daddy Sebastiaan out of bed so that he can take Casper downstairs to play with all his toys. Robin then gets his breakfast - mother's milk - and the both of them fall asleep again. Sebastiaan makes some food for Casper and then prepares breakfast for all of us. Breadrolls, croissants, pain chocolat, it's amazing what you can get out of a deep-frozen bag these days! Then when Marjolijn's taking a shower, Sebastiaan puts on the kettle, starts the coffeebrewing process, and takes the rolls out of the oven. It's time for breakfast when Marjolijn comes downstairs. So also on her birthday, except that Sebastiaan had decorated the livingroom with balloons, "slingers" and other typical birthday stuff - together with Casper!

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What's up?

10 February 2004

Picture of our hands, one of each of the family may ask! There have been no posts here for over three weeks. Are they all still alive? How are they doing? Is life so dull that there is nothing to tell? The answer to all of these questions, and more, in this post!

Finally, after having a father-in-law nagging us for a long time about getting Marjolijn her own section - here it is! This will be the first of many posts - hopefully!

Marjolijn is doing fine. She's out job-searching again, and is getting more and more into-it of late. OK, the kids take up a lot of her time, but a lot of other things have happened as well. For one she's going out at least once a month with Corno, doing all the bars and discos of Utrecht. Dance 'till you drop, is their mantra!

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