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11 July 2007

Today our youngest son turned two years. In the hectic of the morning ritual and all the preparations for the combined birthday party on Sunday the 15th, we almost forgot the whole thing ;-) But in the end we give him a big hug and sang a song for him. Not that he understood why, but what the heck, it's the idea and action that counts, right? Tonight we'll celebrate with a birthdaycake (Werkhovense Skitaart).

Also I'd like to congratulate my sister on turning 30 - now you're really a grown up Veronica ;-)

And my long time dear friend Thale also celebrates her birthday today - congrats ;-)

Busy day today, any other people I've forgotten or any other important people who celebrate today?

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Febrile seizure

23 February 2007

Tonight at supper Lucas almost died - at least, that's what I thought when I lifted his head from the table, half expecting him to have fallen asleep at the table. But his head immediately fell back onto my hand - no response whatsoever. His eyes where wide open, or to say it as Stanley Kubrick did: "Eyes wide shut - seeing nothing but staring nonetheless...". I lifted Lucas up from his Tripp-Trapp, his body gone totally limp. Talking to him got no response, only his eyes staring back at me. He didn't breathe, didn't react to stimuli at all, just slowly fading away. "He's dying", I thought, Marjolijn grabbed him as I dialled 112 - the emergency number, telling the operator that I had a non-responsive 20 month old child and what to do.

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Two sick children

27 October 2006

This morning Lucas woke up crying - not unusual, he usually wants to get out of bed the minute he wakes up, ready for a new day - but today he also was quite restless and warm, very warm. After some bouts with the ear-thermometer we finally settled on 39,8 degrees centigrade. That's very hot for an adult, but not dangerously hot for a baby or a small child. Still it is a clear indicator of some illness that Lucas had in his little body. But next to a runny nose and watery eyes there was little other discomfort, apart form the obvious - not feeling too hapy about being so warm. Everything was an effort and he was doing very much crying. Still, eating, drinking and watching the telly was no problem, even though you could easily see that he was a very sick, little boy. We think it's a bad flu, so hopefully he'll recover in a couple of days.

A little later that morning Robin also went from happy and playful with a runny nose, to tired, sleepy and watery eyes, just like Lucas. Most probably he has the same flu in him, so now we have two sick kiddos. For now Casper seems to have outsmarted the flu as of yet, as well as us two parents! Hopefully it'll stay that way!

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Luckily the kiddos didn't suffer for long - the very next day and many Kids Paracetamol later the two of them are feeling a lot better. Robin was completely knock-out yesterday, but today the fever has lost its grip. Casper wasn't affected at all! So we now have three happy kiddos again ;-)

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Lucas is walking

15 September 2006

Lucas on the floor looking at the cameraFor a couple of weeks now Lucas has tried to walk by himself. He had discovered how he could use the sofa, other furniture and the walls to support his balance when testing life on two feet. Last week Marjolijn and I, as well as Casper and Robin, trained Lucas to walk a few steps in between us. First two steps, then four-five steps and then a real stretch all by himself. As Lucas is the prime example of how a child develops (open any book on child development, read about the different phases, look at Lucas, and you can follow Lucas' development or read the book - either way it's the same ;-) !), he also does things in the right order. Try first, develop a sense of safety and knowledge that walking on two feet actually is possible, and then try it out - and he did!

This week he walked all by himself, and doesn't want to do anything else. He walks everywhere and nowhere, covering many kilometers on his two little feet. And he's so proud. I'll post some pictures of him walking as soon as we have developed the filmrolls (yes, we still don't have a digital camera!).

Even though it is a couple of months later than his other two brothers, he's really doing all other things fast now. He even understands what I'm saying to him or telling him (not) to do. In Norwegian or in Dutch. Maybe he's just very smart or it's the tone of my voice or certain patterns in the language I use that he understands. Anyhow, he's a very fascinating little man to follow.

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Lucas has the chickenpox

10 February 2006

Our smallest man is a little sick - or at least he was sick last weekend. Around 40 degrees centigrade fever, ceying, not really feeling all that well. During the Sunday things were better and on Monday he was happy and smiling. But it wasn't until Tuesday before we understood what was up. Then Marjolijn found small red dots all over him body, some already forming small blisters. It was the Chickenpox.

Luckily all our other kids have had it (Robin at age 2, Casper at age 3) and Marjolijn and I also have had it. Not all our friends though. Jonathan, my colleague has never had it, their little man neither, and Caspers best friends sister, Lotte, neither. But as Casper has his birthday on Sunday, we hope that the period of contamination is past at that moment. Ususally this is when crusts appear on the (dried-out) blisters. We ahve two more days before Caspers birthday party, we hope it will be over by then. Anyway, dear guests, herewith your are forewarned!

PS: I'm also sick - with the flu, completely knocked out. I usually cough my lungs out - ouch, that hurts ;-(

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Our fashion-kid

22 October 2005

Lucas wearing his light-blue set of Nike shoes and matching hat This'll be fun - our third kiddo is no more than three months old and alreay he has his first set of brand clothes. Our neighbours work at Nike and had seen this light-blue (yes, it's a boy) set in the gift shop at Nike. She thought it was so sweet she just had to buy it. So now people think we're spoiling our kid at a young age ;-).

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Lucas Benjamin Tristan Naafs

14 July 2005

Here they are - the very first pictures of our new little guy:

Lucas Benjamin Tristan Naafs

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Welcome 2 the 4 of us little 1 !

11 July 2005

At 10 to 3 in the afternoon on this day, July 11 2005, our third son was born. We're all very happy with him, especially his two elder brothers, who hardly can leave him alone! The buzz around him constantly, shower him with kisses, hugs and caresses and only want to be close to him!

On Wednesday Sebastiaan will register him at the proper authorities, together with Casper and Robin. Then we will send you his birthcard so you can get to know his three full names ;-). A tip of the veil: L.B.T. Naafs !

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