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Robin 4

22 July 2007

Today we didn't really celebrate Robin's birthday as we did so last weekend together with Lucas, but we did put him a little bit in the sunshine. The rest of the day was spent cleaning out the house because Marjolijn and Sebastiaan will be sanding our living room wooden floor this week. The kiddos will be staying at their daycare Mum celebrating Robin and Lucas' birthdays together on Monday (tomorrow). Furthermore they'll have plenty of time to play with all their mates, so summer vacation really can start for them! We wish you a great year Robin, starting school and all ;-) Good luck big boy!

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Robin's 2

22 July 2005

Today's Robin's second birthday. Although it's the middle of the summer we will have a big party tomorrow with lots of friends and family coming over! It's really nice seeing Robin growing so big and seeing him learning all those bigger children things. He's doing a lot of talking and building and constructing all sorts of things. He's even playing along with kids twice his age and doing fine at it!

Robin, have a wonderful couple of days - we'll celebrate you today, tomorrow and on monday at the kindergarten!

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Robin walks !

17 September 2004

The last couple of days Robin has been increasingly interested in trying to walk. He crawls all over, very quickly, and can pull himself up on different objects. But lately Marjolijn and I have tried to help Robin walk from the one to the other. And today he seemed to be very keen on trying to walk. So we lifted him up, held both his hands and slowly moved him towards the other. First he would only walk from two hands to two hand. Then we switched to holding single hands. He's used to this, as we walk sometimes with him holding onto only one hand. Then we tried letting go. The first couple of times he just sat down on his bum, staring at us with a smile on his face. Then he changed. I held him towards Marjolijn and let go...

...and 1-2-3 steps later he threw himself into Marjolijns lap. Laughing out loud and with a big smile on his face he turned around and walked the same distance back to me!

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Evolution in progress

16 March 2004

Our kids are, as the title of this little piece of litterature suggests, small "evolutions in progress". It is wonderful to see how nature goes about to develop our "little people" according to strict rules of progress and development. And then to witness that nature not always lets children develop at the same pace and reaching the same milestones at the same place in time. Those small differences are what makes nature so wonderful, so exciting, so grand - I'm completely in awe.

Robin has just started to crawl. On Friday evening we had put him on the ground so he could play there with all his baby-toys. As usual he rolled over on his stomach, turned over on his back, and back again on his stomach. But, then all of a sudden he lunged forward, trowing his arms outside of his playcloth. With one arm under his stomach (presumably to roll over it - a little like one can do with trelogs) he stuck his other arm on the floor, much like a frog or a reptile would do with his sucker-feet. And then with a huge moan he pulled himself almost 5 cm's forward. Breakthrough!

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What's up?

10 February 2004

Picture of our hands, one of each of the family may ask! There have been no posts here for over three weeks. Are they all still alive? How are they doing? Is life so dull that there is nothing to tell? The answer to all of these questions, and more, in this post!

Robin is making big progress. He's really into exploring, standing straight, watching, attacking everything in his reaching vicinity, and making more and more gargling and screaching sounds. Big smiles, toungue hanging out of his mouth and rolling over. The latter he did for the first time a little over two weeks ago (at age 6 months) and last night he rolled over from his stomack back onto his back! There's a first for everything at this age!

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New pictures of Robin

07 October 2003

Today I've scanned some recent pictures of Robin. For all of you to see how much he's grown! His expressions are steadily increasing from only looking around to actively looking at things that move, at faces and at light/darkness differences. Also he's now making contact by waving with arms and legs, smiling selectively and making gargling sounds of joy! Thingz R moving fast!

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Robin outweighs Casper

27 September 2003

Robin is really growing! He has just turned two months but already he is weighing in at 7 kilo's. That is quite a lot for a little toddler at his age! Comparing this with Casper, who was around 2.7 kg's at birth (Robin was 3.3 kg's), Robin now weighs as much as Casper did at the age of four months! I guess Marjolijn's mothers milk is doing its thing!

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Robin finally correctly named

14 August 2003

In the Netherlands a "newborn parent" is obliged by law to report a birth to the local government within three days of the birth of the child. In the report are collected the names and addresses of his parents and of the person "turning the child in"! A child cannot have both of the surnames (familynames) of its parents, so they have to choose which name they will give their child(ren). If a surname has been chosen for the first child, all following children will have the same surname. For Casper we chose to use the familyname of Marjolijn, just because NAAFS is a lot less common than VAN DIJK (a little like SMITH in the English speaking world!). This means that Robin would have Marjolijns surname - by law automatically. At least, that's what we thought!

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First pictures of Robin

22 July 2003

Robin is 15 minutes old. He's just gotten his first check-up and everything is OK ! As he was three weeks early he's still covered in the so-called "body-smear", a layer of protective, natural grease...

Picture of Robin, 5 minutes old

Picture of Robin, 15 minutes old, together with Marjolijn

Robin, 5 minutes old, together with Marjolijn. "Oh, help", he must be thinking, "what are all those bright light flashing all the time? It was so nice and dark in mummy's belly!"

Robin, 30 minutes old, together with his proud father Sebastiaan ;-)

Picture of Robin, 30 minutes old, together with Sebastiaan

Picture of Robin, Casper and Marjolijn, 10 minutes after Casper has met his brother for the first time!

Robin, Casper and Marjolijn, 10 minutes after Casper has met his brother for the first time! Casper is holding Robin very gently, caressing and hugging him like he's done this a million times!

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